Tuesday 23 October 2018

Walking Dead Halloween Costumes & Accessories

I've pulled together a collection of Walking Dead inspired Halloween items from Amazon. You can get really imaginative with everything I've listed below and go all out "Walking Dead" this year!

Scroll further to the bottom of the list to see a collection of character inspired items.

These are best paired up together so you can really look the part.

I think Michonne's wig is my personal favorite! What about you?

Daryl Dixon Mask #1

Walkers Ears Necklace from Season 2

Hershel's Decapitated Head

Rick's Machete

The Moss Walkers

Faceless Walkers

Negan's Bat - Lucille

The Spiky Dumpster Walker

Acid Face Walkers

The Burnt Walkers

Decapitated Jaw Walkers

Michonne's Dreads Wig

Bearded Walker

Be "The Walking DAD" this Halloween

Skin Peeling-Off Walker

Split Jaw Mask

Daryl's Motorcycle Vest

Daryl's "Angel Wings" Vest

Daryl Wig - Style #1

Daryl Crossbow

Daryl Wig Style #2

Daryl's Walker Ear Trophy

Daryl Mask 2

Rick's Jacket

Rick's Holster

Rick's Machete

Rick's Hat

Rick's Legendary Colt Python

Rick's Hatchet

Michonne Wig Style #2

Michonne's Samurai Sword Holder/Bag

Michonne's Samurai Sword

Michonne's Brown Gloves

Friday 12 October 2018

The Walking Dead Quiz

The Walking Dead Quiz

Are you the biggest Walking Dead fan around? I don't believe you, you're going to have to prove it. If only there was some sort of quiz you could take to prove such a thing and claim bragging rights amongst all your friends.

Oh, wait. There is, and it's right here.

Take The Walking Dead Quiz below and find out just how well you know your TWD trivia.

Good luck!

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What was your score? let us know in the comments section below.


Friday 8 December 2017

Is the Walking Dead past It's Best or in It's Prime?

When The Walking Dead premiered on Halloween 2010 the show was up against some stiff competition, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men to name but two.

In the years to come many more would follow and with them, they would bring established Hollywood actors seemingly taking a step down from the big screen. So it was imperative that The Walking Dead was unique, thoughtful, exciting and entertaining.

Where's the Walking Dead at Now?

Now we are in season nine you would have thought that TWD was seen as a master of its craft to all its fans; the answer is, if you read the fan sites and social media pages, no.

I'll hold my hand up here and admit freely that I have expressed disappointment in the series, but I will say before the die-hards attack me with verbal baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire, that there is a reason for it. But to answer for my betrayal I need to go back to season one, so bear with me.

The two most iconic scenes in TWD are in fact in that first magnificent season.

Scene #1 - The Zombie Girl

We the audience are thrust into this decaying new world without any knowledge of how or why everything has gone to hell. A lone police officer scavenges for fuel amongst the lines of abandoned cars, some that still contain the sad remains of their inhabitants. Then a pair of pink fluffy slippers shuffles along the road and we instantly know that this is a child, we hope that she is okay, that she is searching for her parents who we know without seeing them are dead. All hope is ripped away as the horror of her torn face is unveiled and in that horrific moment we know that whatever has brought civilisation to its knees does not discriminate, age, gender, colour, creed, nor it does not care.

Scene #2 - Rick Comes out of His Coma

The scene comes after a brief glimpse of the world before the apocalypse; Rick and Shane, two colleagues but best friends also. Rick wakes after snippets of consciousness reveal the visits of his friend, the flowers beside his bed are no longer fresh, they are as dead as the world he is about to discover. The lack of medical staff alerted to his calls panics him and he quickly finds the strength to exit his room. What he finds are corridors of dereliction and human remains, but nothing prepares him for what is undoubtedly THE most iconic scene in TWD history.

Rick sees the Don't Open, Dead Inside for the 1st time
Don't Open, Dead Inside

What these two scenes offer is an unprepared drop into an apocalyptic world of walking corpses for both the viewer and Rick Grimes, that way we understand what 'Officer Friendly' is feeling and going through mentally. A masterpiece of sensory trickery.

In addition to that, to show a dead child, shambling along the highway with half her face missing is a big gamble for television. The movies can easily get away with that kind of horror but for television, you have a more critical audience.

What's Missing from the Show These Days

However, if TWD began and ended with horror and survival then they would not be here today, the show had to have substance, the writers had to create characters that the viewers loved, rooted for, hated or just plain enjoyed for their comedic timing.

TWD brought us sensitive stories of racism and domestic abuse, T-Dog suffering at the hands of Merle and Carol suffering the oafish husband, Ed. This was mesmerising television as there was now no outreach centres, no police and no one to help Carol. It seemed that she was doomed to her abusive husband until Shane stepped in.

Speaking of which, the former officer had stepped into Rick's shoes. He was having an affair with Lori and become a step father of sorts to Carl, but with the arrival of Lori's husband that all changed. Shane was now out in the cold, second fiddle to Rick and nothing more than a cool Uncle to Carl creating a love triangle that would tear Shane apart and concluding in the season two shocker.

Downhill from Season 2?

However, in Season 2 is where some of the gripes begin, a heart-pounding hundred miles an hour first season slowed to what many believe to be a crawl. But for me season 2 was fantastic.

The previous season had introduced us to the group, gave us the aforementioned emotions and now the show had to tell us the many stories over the course of 19 episodes.

But to anyone who thinks that season two was of a lower quality to season one then I disagree, for a start, there's the Sophia storyline. This is a parent's worst nightmare, the disappearance of their child. For half a season we the audience pray for the safe return of Sophia, I mean surely they won't give us another zombie child. Would they? This one hurt more though, we had come to love her in season one, feel sorry for her as she watched Ed beat her mother. Then she shambles out of the barn at Hershel's farm and out hearts sink. That is magnificent writing.

Add to that Maggie and Glenn's blossoming love, Shane's departure and then the season finale.
What those early seasons did was offer up a horror story beyond wandering ghouls, real-life horrors such as abusive husbands, inner demons and missing children were what made TWD so watchable.

The Governor's Here

Then The Governor turned up and we began to see a shift away from all that we were used to and loved, the comfy pair of slippers were well and truly removed. What The Governor did was slowly elbow the dead to one side and pave the way for the living to be feared. Cheesy names for cheesy comic book villains (yes I know TWD is a comic as well).

Terminus looked to be a return to horror and in its fleeting appearance, it was. But that journey to Terminus was like sitting next to the teacher on a coach to a school trip. I could understand why they brought in The Governor and his story but that 'road trip'? Does anyone want to switch?

And so it continued; the hospital with the hearse and the overbearing police woman, Merle and his new hand, Michonne and her gargling pals on chains, Sheba... TWD had truly gone all out comic book.

At least with Negan, we were promised something different, Season 6 finale unveiling a guy who was great as The Comedian in The Watchmen. Season 7 opens with gory glory, TWD answering fans pleas to break the untouchables and kill off a big character. In true Game of Thrones style, we lost Glenn and Abe and the season looked set to be a rollercoaster. But the train barely left the station and I began to refer to TWD as The Walking Waltons such was the tepid nature of the season.

And finally we are in Season 8 and the prayers for action have been answered.

Why Have I Turned Away?

But why have I turned away from TWD, I obviously love(d) the show?

When I first saw the title I was excited by the prospect of a zombie television series with great actors and great writing. I wanted to be scared of the ghouls, to run away from them rather than fight, only retaliating if I had no other choice. That scene where Morgan and Rick are hiding in the house while the street is full of the dead, that's what I wanted.

And then they took it away. the storylines became less about human survival in a world without supermarkets and electricity, less about the dead, less about real-world struggles in an apocalyptic world. Camping out and away from the comfortable surrounds of our homes. But does that mean it has lost its lustre?


Far from it.

TWD has had to evolve, to keep moving. If it stayed where it was five, six years ago then without a doubt we would not be here in Season 9.

I applaud the writers for changing direction, for taking risks and setting new boundaries. They may have their critics but TWD team are still here, still popular and still evolving.

The world of the dead has changed, maybe we should too.

Monday 23 October 2017

Watch: Trailer & Sneak Peek - Season 8 Episode 2

Check out the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 Promo below...

Promo & Sneak Peek 1

Sneak Peek 2

Check out more videos and sneak peeks here...

Watch: The Opening 3 Minutes of Season 8

Watch the opening 3 minutes of the season 8 premiere below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.

Not long to go now!

Sunday 22 October 2017

Watch: Sneak Peek at Season 8 Episode 1

Here's the 1st sneak peek for Season 8 of The Walking Dead. Check it out below, especially if you missed it on the Talking Dead chat show.

Season 8 Sneak Peek

- "I've been fighting since the farm, can't stop now." -

Man, I'm PUMPED for Season 8... bring on the war!

The BEST Walking Dead Halloween Costumes for 2017

Halloween is just around the corner, as is Season 8 of TWD, so I figured it would be a good idea to show you the best Walking Dead costumes for Halloween 2017!

Check them out below...

Little Girl Walker Costume

Lucille Halloween Bat

Negan Costume

Sheriff Rick Costume

Split Jaw Walker Costume

Check out more on Amazon here... TWD Costumes

Friday 20 October 2017

Can we expect a crossover in the Apocalypse?

The Walking Dead Crossover
- Could we see a crossover between FTWD and TWD? -
Whispers among some of the devoted fans of The Walking Dead; is it possible in our near future that we will see a crossover in the zombie apocalypse?

Although the writers have stayed pretty on track with the original series and actually have had much more liberties with the spin-off series, one must  wonder if there is going to be a crossover between the two successful series.

Timeline and geographic positioning is important!  Obviously we know that when patient zero was discovered in California, that was during the time of Rick being in his coma at the hospital. Since then, Madison's group had moved south of the boarder and majority had returned.. However, back over to the East coast, Rick 's group had moved North.

I'm sure the writers would be able to be creative enough to make this work but from my perspective on this matter I cannot see how they would be able to successfully bring the two shows together for a crossover.

Rick's group is already years into the apocalypse where Madison's group is still in the infancy and trying to figure out what exactly is going on. So, there would be several years gaps between the two and with the distance being practically across the country, I find it hard to figure out how they could possibly pull this off.

Perhaps one or two that may have strayed from the groups during its time would make a way over to the East Coast? Then maybe- just maybe It would be a successful crossover.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Watch: The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer

Here it is - The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


Friday 2 December 2016

Lets Break Down TWD Ratings

Let's take a look at the current ratings for The Walking Dead.


Looking at the numbers alone on average viewership, we see good numbers thru season 1, & 2.  Then we jump into almost 11 million viewers on average for season 3, it continues to grow to exceed 13 million for season 4, and 14 million for season 5.  We see a small decline in season 6 with numbers returning to 13 million viewers.  Season 7, we have approximately 12 million average viewers right now.

If you just look at these numbers alone, we are looking at viewership a decline of millions of viewers.

Now that's a scary number.  Millions of anything is a lot of anything.  No matter how you look at it, millions is a big number.

However, lets compare these numbers to a few others.  This way we can get a base for comparison.



Other Syfy TV Shows


The numbers, in my opinion speak for themselves.  With a simple Google Search, I found shows that were similar to TWD.  None of these shows compared, in viewerships to The Walking Dead.  Keep in mind, I am not talking about how one show is better than the other.

Lets check out some other AMC shows


Now that we have a few things in perspective, lets go back to the current season 7 of TWD 12 million viewers.  Compared to both similar shows and other shows on the same AMC network, TWD is ahead in view by leaps and bounds.

However, we all know that the true bottom line for a show is money.  Does it produce more than it costs?

Back in 2013 WetPaint released a few specifics about the profit AMC makes from TWD.  Basically, the cost of the show then ran about $2.75million per episode, however the profits from the commercials after costs, AMC still made approximately $8million per episode.

I know that I get annoyed with all the commercials that AMC stuffs into a show, but if it keeps my beloved TWD alive, AMC keep packing them in.

It is just my opinion, but it seems to me that TWD has a long way to fall before AMC considers cutting the show off.

Would love to hear your opinions and comments!