Monday 7 November 2011

My Thoughts on episode 4 'Cherokee Rose' *SPOILERS*

Just finished watching episode 4 for the second time and I thought I would share some of my thoughts on it.

Firstly, it is good to see Carl is all better now. I know a lot of viewers really didn't want to see Carl die, and to be honest I thought it was pretty obvious he was going to pull through, which is exactly what he did.

Secondly, moving onto Shane again. It is obvious he is struggling with what he did to Otis, you can tell in nearly every scene when he is on screen. He really is an excellent actor and I think he is doing a fantastic job playing the part! The opening to episode 4 when Shane spoke on Otis's behalf was extremely convincing. Also the scene with Andrea where he is talking about turning off the switch in your head that deals with your emotions. It is fairly obvious that Shane was talking about Otis there!

Thirdly, the zombie in the well, or as I call it the Boomer (you will know what I mean by this if you have played the Left 4 Dead games). That thing was a mess! It has obviously been stuck down in that well for a hell of a long time. The way it split open after getting pulled out was awesome! Shame it completely ruined their ideas of getting it out without contaminating all the water. Although the way T-Dog killed it shows he is possibly developing into a stronger, more violent character. This would be good if so because up until now T-Dog has been shown to be one of the weakest in the group.

Fourthly, Glen got lucky! Oh yeah, the asian kid managed to hit it off with Maggie the farmers daughter in what was a fairly awkward but hilarious scene. Poor Glen was so caught up in the moment that he had no idea what to say.

Fifthly, lets move onto everyone's favorite character, Daryl Dixon. Wasn't he just an amazing character in this episode, oh wait he is like that in every episode, my bad! The cherokee rose that he brought back for Carol was just so thoughtful, along with the story he told her to try and comfort her a little. Who would have pictured Daryl having a soft side like this back when we first got introduced to him in season 1, not me that's for sure!

Finally, Lori Grimes and the pregnancy test. So now we know that Lori is pregnant, and we can tell by her reaction that she is extremely upset by this. To be honest I saw this coming way back in episode 2 of season 1 when we first got introduced to the fact that Lori and Shane are having an affair after they had sex in the woods. Lori is now obviously regretting this a great deal, especially since Rick is back on the scene and alive. How long til everyone else finds out her secret?

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  1. I think Rick already knows Lori is Pregnant! Think thats what Jenners whispered to him at the end of Season 1!