Sunday 16 October 2016

Whisperers Confirmed?

The official AMC Instagram page teased us with yet another image this week, this time hinting towards the possible arrival of a new group of villians.

As if Rick and co. don't already have enough on their plates it now looks like a group calling themselves The Whisperers could be making an appearance.

Comic book readers will already be familiar with them. They disguise themselves as the dead, wearing the skin of walkers and believe they should go unharmed when walking amongst them.

Here is the image that was teased...

The Walking Dead Season 7 Whisperers
Could this mean the arrival of The Whisperers in Season 7?
This image shows someone's head impaled on a pike - something that The Whisperers are known for doing in the comics. In fact, they end up doing this to quite a few beloved comic book characters - who knows if the same thing will happen in the TV series.

Personally I believe that if these guys do show up their not going to pose an immediate threat to our group, I just can't see that happening especially with all the screen time Negan and The Saviors are going to occupy. If anything I think they may threaten king Ezekiel and The Kingdom at first - but that's purely speculation on my part.

This is what The Whisperers look like in The Walking Dead comics
Whisperers in The Walking Dead comic
Let us know if you are excited for the arrival of this group of villians. I can't wait to see what Greg Nicotero and his team think up for the make-up when these guys are on screen. It's going to be gruesome.

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