Monday 31 October 2016

The Walking Dead - A Halloween Quiz

Can you tell the episode from the screenshots below? Answers can be found at the very bottom of this post - let us know your score in the comments section. We're looking for 8/8 from you true Walking Dead fans!









Answers to the above screen grabs:

1. Days Gone Bye 
Aired October 31, 2010 from Season 1
Everyone should remember this episode; Rick wakes up from a coma to find the world isn’t the same after he’s been shot. 

2. Save The Last One
Aired October 30, 2011 From Season 2
Everyone is waiting patiently at Hershel’s farmhouse Shane, and Otis to return with much needed medical supplies for Carl. 

3. Walk With Me
Aired October 20, 2012 From Season 3
Andrea and Michonne witness the helicopter crashing.  In this episode, we meet the infamous Governor.

4. Isolation
Aired October 27, 2013 From Season 4
The Group makes the decision to isolate the sick from the healthy in an order to protect the healthy. 

5. Indifference
Aired November 3, 2013 From Season 4
Bob has a drinking problem, which then creates a safety issue for the group of people looking for medicine to help the sick back at the prison.  There’s also the big good-bye with Carol.  Rick confronts her, and lets her go. 

6. Slabtown
Aired November 2, 2014 From Season 5
We find Beth waking up in the hospital.  Her and Noah try to escape, but Noah is the only one that gets away. 

7. Here’s Not Here
Aired November 1, 2015 From Season 6
Where has Morgan been?  A lot of questions about Morgan get answered in this episode. 

8. The Well
Aired October 30, 2016 from Season 7
Yes, I would like to try one of those pomegranates. 

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Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you enjoyed this Walking Dead picture trivia quiz.

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