Friday, 21 October 2011

Do you own any of The Walking Dead comics?

How many of you reading this happen to own The Walking Dead comics? If so how many do you have, is there anyone here that owns every single one? If so please leave a comment below, we need to find the hardcore fans!

I myself am in the process of collecting what comics I can, so I would really like to about everyone else's collections, if any!



  1. I've got all of them so far

  2. Nice! A true fan :-)
    Do you think the TV show is doing justice to the comics?

  3. I have all the trade paperbacks, up to Vol. 14, and get them as soon as they're released. Been a fan since day 1!

  4. Nice one Ryan! Do you think the TV series is doing justice to the comics?

  5. I do. I'm glad it veered away for a bit and did its own thing, otherwise we'd all know what's coming next!

    Wonder if Merle turns out to be The Governor...?

  6. Yeah I am glad that it is only based on the comics and doesn't fully follow them, or else as you say we would all know whats coming!

    I hope he does, I really want to see Merle again! I hope they have not just left him out of the show now, it worked really well having a character like him!

  7. i have read the first 48 issues and the book is a little better in my opinion but they are doing a great job in the selection of characters as the way u would imagine them but need to let dale and carol step up as they do in the books also i think daryl is the white version of tyreese and also the women in book are a whole lot tougher


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