Saturday 22 October 2011

Have you ever hoped for a zombie apocalypse?

Just wanted to make sure I am not the only one who has ever hoped for this. Obviously I don't really want it to happen, but I am just saying that if the world did have to come to an end, then I hope it is because of a zombie apocalypse. I would love to go out in fighting style!

What do you think?

I know a lot of you all probably have some sort of survival plan that you fantasize about in your head. If you do, then share it below. I would love to hear them!

I would most likely head to my nearest DIY store and stock up on all that is sharp and heavy hitting, before heading out and rounding up my friends, if they are still alive and not a zombie that is!


  1. This is often a topic of discussion between my daughter and me. We have various plans depending on the type of zombie. It makes a big difference if they are slow, fast, or normal rate walkers.

  2. Yeah you are right, the speed makes a MASSIVE difference. Lets assume they are normal rate walkers just like 'The Walking Dead'

    If they are able to sprint like in 28 days later then we are all screwed... :-(

  3. Exactly what I mean. Those freaks in 28 Days Later really scare me!
    Being a huge Shaun of the Dead fan, I am planning to grab by LP's and learn to walk like the dead.
    Oh and NO MALLS!! We all know that doesn't go well.

  4. haha Shaun of the dead is awesome!
    So weird you just mentioned that as I added a picture of simon pegg himself :P

    And yeah, stay clear of malls, there is far too many ways in/out...

  5. This is part of my plan.
    Hope you do not mind me posting a link.
    I think you will appreciate it.

  6. That is truly awesome!!
    Thanks for sharing that link, I have bookmarked it :-)

    If you have any more interesting links please do share! Either here or on our Facebook fan page :-)

  7. Took me forever to find this one.
    Another part of my plan if I am traveling in a small group.

  8. WOW, I want that so badly now!
    Looks amazing inside, shower and everything. I was not expecting that :P

    Thanks for sharing once again!

  9. Yep, anytime. I will share links I come across.
    Also, have you read about Felicia Felix Mentor? Supposedly a documented zombie from the early 20th century.