Monday 21 November 2011


Well, it seems someone finally cleaned out the skeletons in the closet. We’ve been waiting for this for some time now. Some aspects have been hidden longer than others. Shane and Lori’s “relationship” dates back to early in season one. We’ve all wondered how the affair would develop or end. It was only a matter of time before Rick would become aware of it. I had hoped Shane would’ve been the one to tell Rick himself. I know their friendship is strained as it is and Shane has shown a side of him that might not allow him to come clean about this or other events. Now he doesn’t have to.

Glen is such a great person. I really like him and his honesty, his simple sense of humor and compassion. He accepts his various roles within the group with grace and humility. By telling Dale everything he knew, he helped to protect the group. He put the group first before lesser, independent issues. Glen enabled Dale to confront Hershel about the walkers in the barn and may have pushed Lori to open up about her pregnancy.

I’m thinking that with Maggie being attacked in the drug store, it may bring her to understand more about how dangerous the walkers really are and that there is likely no cure for them. I like Maggie. She has spunk. I hope if the group has to leave, she goes with them.

The standoff between Shane & Dale is interesting in that now Dale may be more concerned for his own well-being. Shane is a loose canon in some ways. Certainly a bit unstable as we’ve seen
lately. He is capable of anything. I like Shane for his sort of “Git ‘er done” attitude. You need someone like him in any survival group. At least I’d want a Shane on my team.

Speaking of Shane, he seems to have brought Andrea around. Nothing like standing in the
middle of a street full of walkers to get your game on. Once she cleared that jam in her pistol,
she was calm and methodical in her killing of zombies. She seemed to enjoy it and wanted more. Perhaps Amy played a part in her mindset as well. Shane’s gun class has paid off.

In this episode, Daryl took a back seat for the most part. Although I loved the apology from
Andrea and his response. “Next time you shoot me, best pray I’m dead” On a side note, Daryl & Carol seem to have similar personalities, in a way. If they find Sophia, they would do well by being close.

That leaves Rick & Lori. I’m glad that Lori came clean about everything. I’m not sure how that is going to play out as the show progresses. If I were Lori, I’d have to give serious thought to the notion of bringing a baby into the world at this point. I know she wrestled with her choices.

There are practical and moral issues here that require her and Rick to come together on this, get on the same page. We have no idea how things will play out or how it will all end up. I just don’t think keeping the baby is a prudent thing to do. There are arguments to be made about Lori’s choices. Having the child in the midst of a zombie apocalypse is crazy at best. But another new child to help perpetuate the human race is a good thing. The dangers a baby would pose to the group would be formidable. Just the baby’s medical & nutritional needs would almost be too great to adequately sustain the child.

I doubt if Rick really accepts his own justification for Lori’s actions with Shane. He wants to be able to accept it but he is hurt and torn now. We’ll have to see how that unfolds in E-7.

The zombie factor was decent in this episode. I enjoyed the scene in the pharmacy with Maggie. Seeing the walker with its head dangling off by a few strands of muscle was great. This shoot out in the development was worthy of my respect as well. Shane at his best in his element and Andrea coming into her own on the weapons and gaining control of her emotions in a stressful situation. Very well-done. I like those two together. It would be nice to see some more cohesion between the members of the group like that.

So, what did Dr. Jenner say to Rick back at the CDC?

All in all, it was a very good episode.


  1. “Next time you shoot me, best pray I’m dead” that was funny like he was threaten her in a nice way ;)

  2. Yes, it was done in a humorous way. That is Daryl.

  3. One of the reasons I love Daryl - he almost always says exactly what I am thinking! I was very pleased to see him give Andrea a pass on shooting him. It shows his character IS growing and becoming less tied to his anger.

    I too think keeping the baby is impractrical. Yeas, there will be a need to repopulate, but that can wait circumstances are MUCH more stable.

    But I was THRILLED to see almost everyone grow a set and get things out that they've needed to say for a long time.