Tuesday 23 October 2018

Walking Dead Halloween Costumes & Accessories

I've pulled together a collection of Walking Dead inspired Halloween items from Amazon. You can get really imaginative with everything I've listed below and go all out "Walking Dead" this year!

Scroll further to the bottom of the list to see a collection of character inspired items.

These are best paired up together so you can really look the part.

I think Michonne's wig is my personal favorite! What about you?

Daryl Dixon Mask #1

Walkers Ears Necklace from Season 2

Hershel's Decapitated Head

Rick's Machete

The Moss Walkers

Faceless Walkers

Negan's Bat - Lucille

The Spiky Dumpster Walker

Acid Face Walkers

The Burnt Walkers

Decapitated Jaw Walkers

Michonne's Dreads Wig

Bearded Walker

Be "The Walking DAD" this Halloween

Skin Peeling-Off Walker

Split Jaw Mask

Daryl's Motorcycle Vest

Daryl's "Angel Wings" Vest

Daryl Wig - Style #1

Daryl Crossbow

Daryl Wig Style #2

Daryl's Walker Ear Trophy

Daryl Mask 2

Rick's Jacket

Rick's Holster

Rick's Machete

Rick's Hat

Rick's Legendary Colt Python

Rick's Hatchet

Michonne Wig Style #2

Michonne's Samurai Sword Holder/Bag

Michonne's Samurai Sword

Michonne's Brown Gloves

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