Monday 31 October 2011

Season 2, Episode 4 Promo - "Cherokee Rose"

Here is the promo for episode 4 of season 2, titled "Cherokee Rose" Enjoy!

It looks like a boomer from Left 4 Dead at 27 seconds in, who agrees with me?

Episode 3 - Save The Last One

Save The Last One

I just got round to watching episode 3 of season 2 "Save the last one" and I must say I am shocked!

It was as usual a brilliant episode, that took a very dark turn near the end. If you have seen the episode you will know what I mean. My question to you is, would you have done what Shane did? I really didn't see that coming. As soon as it happened my thoughts towards Shane changed and I can honestly say I no longer like him a great deal...

As you can see I am trying  not to give away too much because I know there is still a lot of people who have not got round to watching it yet, so I am trying to keep it 'spoiler free' so to speak :P

Leave your comments below regarding what you thought of this episode. Where you as shocked as me?

Happy Halloween to all Walking Dead fans!

Daryl loves Halloween, means more zombies to kill!

Happy Halloween Fans!

Halloween again already, time really does go fast! Let's celebrate with Daryl Dixon's winning pose! He would wish you a Happy Halloween as well, but he is too busy killing walkers with his crossbow, maybe next time...

So what did you get up to this Halloween,  and what did you dress up as?

Sunday 30 October 2011

Episode 3 Out Tonight, Excited?

Episode 3 of season 2 is on tonight, are you excited? If not here is the promo video again to get you hyped up!

What do you think will happen in this episode?

Thursday 27 October 2011

And The Winner Is...

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon won our favorite character polls by a landslide! With an amazing 116 votes (52%) Daryl is the clear winner here. Closest to match this was Rick Grimes with 48 (21%) votes.

So why did Daryl do so well? Well I think it is for these following reasons...

  1. He is a total badass! I mean just look at him in the picture above, you wouldn't want to mess with him, especially when he is carrying around his trusty crossbow. He also has an extremely short temper and the ability to snap at any given moment if there is someone he doesn't agree with.
  2. He is an expert hunter and tracker. Both of these abilities would be extremely handy in the event of a zombie outbreak, especially if you have a group of people to fend for as well.
  3. He has very mixed emotions and views. At first he was made out to be a total jerk with no disregard for anyone or anything except himself and his brother. Now he has grown as a character and become a vital role amongst the survivors. He is helpful, rational and tough, but he could turn at any second, kind of like a pet snake!
  4. His Crossbow! It has become a key part to his character, he helps make it even more awesome because he is so accurate and deadly with it.
  5. He doesn't dwell on situations, he simply fixes them. Unlike any of the other characters, Daryl is always willing to do what needs to be done. This lack of hesitance is a real audience winner because it means more on screen action and zombie killing!

Daryl Dixon
But what do you think?

Did you vote for Daryl to win, or did you want someone else? What do you personally love about Daryl, and why?

Leave your comments below now...

The Walking Dead Board Game

The Walking Dead Board Game

I just discovered that The Walking Dead has an official board game based off the comic books and TV series. The Walking Dead board game actually looks like it could be pretty good fun, especially if the people you plan to play with are fans of the series, or just like to pretend you are a survivor in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Also, it makes a difference to watching zombie films or playing zombie related games.

Only 15 hours left to vote...

There is only 15 hours left to vote for your favorite character in our poll. So get your final votes in now. You can vote by simply selecting your favorite character on the right of this page and then hitting the Vote! button.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Excellent News Fans! AMC Renews The Walking Dead for Season 3

Season 3 has been confirmed, no wonder Rick is smirking!
The Walking Dead Season 3
Yeah you heard right, a 3rd season has now been confirmed which is brilliant news for all us hardcore fans! We still have 11 episodes left of what is already the start to an awesome season 2, presumably followed by a very hard wait, and then a kick ass season 3 to watch!

AMC have not confirmed exactly how many episodes Season 3 will contain, however they did mention it will be at least 13, and that's more than enough to put a smile on all our faces for now!

AMC's president Charlie Collier commented “Today we are pleased to announce that the ‘dead’ shall live as we proudly renew The Walking Dead for a third season. We are thankful for everyone’s contribution in front of and behind the camera as we continue to make The Walking Dead a unique television experience. And, we are so proud as it continues to set viewership records around the world.”

Leave your comments and share your excitement below!

Monday 24 October 2011

Sunday 23 October 2011

Inside The Walking Dead Cast - Season 2

Check this awesome video out, really gives you a much better insight into each of the characters!


The Walking Dead Blu-Ray - Zombies have never looked so good!

If you have a blu-ray player and happen to be a fan of 'The Walking Dead' then you simply must get this! Zombies in blu-ray are truly spectacular!

If you think they look good on the TV, just wait until you see how gruesomely detailed they are in blu-ray quality! It is quite frightening actually, just wait until you see the bicycle girl in the first episode for example and tell me it doesn't look real!

If you are interested in picking a copy up on blu ray then check it out on Amazon here ===> Click Here
It would make an excellent gift for any walking dead fan that is blu-ray equipped!

Saturday 22 October 2011

The Walking Dead Wallpapers

Walking Dead Wallpapers

Want some awesome 'The Walking Dead Wallpapers'? I got you covered, check them out below. Simply click the wallpaper you want then 'set as desktop background' Leave a comment if you happen to choose one, thanks! *Please note I do not own any of these images! *

Have you ever hoped for a zombie apocalypse?

Just wanted to make sure I am not the only one who has ever hoped for this. Obviously I don't really want it to happen, but I am just saying that if the world did have to come to an end, then I hope it is because of a zombie apocalypse. I would love to go out in fighting style!

What do you think?

I know a lot of you all probably have some sort of survival plan that you fantasize about in your head. If you do, then share it below. I would love to hear them!

I would most likely head to my nearest DIY store and stock up on all that is sharp and heavy hitting, before heading out and rounding up my friends, if they are still alive and not a zombie that is!

Friday 21 October 2011

Do you own any of The Walking Dead comics?

How many of you reading this happen to own The Walking Dead comics? If so how many do you have, is there anyone here that owns every single one? If so please leave a comment below, we need to find the hardcore fans!

I myself am in the process of collecting what comics I can, so I would really like to about everyone else's collections, if any!


Thursday 20 October 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

I love how much of a bad ass Shane looks when he's shooting off with that shotgun, shame that entire scene never made it's way into the season.

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