Monday 24 October 2011

Season 2, Episode 2 - Bloodletting | Opinions?

What did you think of the latest episode 'Bloodletting'?

What did you like and dislike about it, share your opinions here!


  1. I really enjoyed it,especially the final chase scene at The Highschool,Totaly recognise the guy who plays Ottis,cant for the life of me remeber where from though,lol. Also,now that I've seen the full scene,I take back my slagging of T-Dog,he's not shaping up too well,so can be forgiven for feeling morose,lol.

  2. Yeah the high school part was awesome, I hated when it ended, I can't wait another week!

    And yeah T-Dog is going through a lot, I think he is going to change a lot as a character very soon!