Monday 31 October 2011

Episode 3 - Save The Last One

Save The Last One

I just got round to watching episode 3 of season 2 "Save the last one" and I must say I am shocked!

It was as usual a brilliant episode, that took a very dark turn near the end. If you have seen the episode you will know what I mean. My question to you is, would you have done what Shane did? I really didn't see that coming. As soon as it happened my thoughts towards Shane changed and I can honestly say I no longer like him a great deal...

As you can see I am trying  not to give away too much because I know there is still a lot of people who have not got round to watching it yet, so I am trying to keep it 'spoiler free' so to speak :P

Leave your comments below regarding what you thought of this episode. Where you as shocked as me?


  1. Shane is turning into the perfect anti hero,I still like him even though he does some decidedly cold hearted things (not bad considering he should have been killed off ages ago? lol)In the world they are living in its do or die and Ottis had to go in order for Shane to get away. Still dont think he'll last too much longer though,but whilst he's around I'll interested to see what he does next? lol. :)

  2. Part of me does agree with Shane, in that situation it was the pragmatic and obvious thing to do to ensure Carl's survival which is the priority to Shane.
    He took a huge risk in doing it, however, as he neither took the bag from Otis first, requiring him to scuffle with a desperate man, nor did he wait for Otis to use that final round in his chamber. As everyone who has watched the episode will know, Shane's betrayal almost cost him his life. And then Carl would likely have died too.
    Ultimately, I never would have let myself get into that situation. Their plan for distracting the zombies outside the trailer was not fully thought through. Had they taken a bit more time in forming and carrying out a plan they would have spent less time running from zombs and both could've made it back alive.