Wednesday 9 November 2011

Interested in joining the team?

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I have been gathering a few fans to become bloggers on this site. After all it is a 'Fan Blog' so it only makes sense that I get as many fellow fans that are willing to help out involved, right?

I am currently putting together a team of writers who will be posting what they can, when they can about The Walking Dead on this blog. This will involve stuff related directly to the TV series as well as the comic books. It will range from talking about specific characters to certain scenes and individual episodes plus much more. This will be great for all readers of the blog because you won't just have to put up with me and my posts anymore, you also have other bloggers and their posts to check out as well!

If you are reading this and are thinking to yourself that you would also like to be part of this blogging team, then please leave a comment below and I will get back to you. The only requirement is that you are a true fan to The Walking Dead and are willing to post things from time to time. These posts will be getting read by hundreds of people on a near daily basis, so they must be of reasonable content and quality.

Just leave a comment with your email below and I will invite you to the team and then we can take it from there, thanks!


  1. that would be great but im not sure how much of a writer i am! HAHA!

  2. Looking forward to the blog. Hope to contribute.

  3. If you are still interested guys just check out the forum I added and look at the topic "Become part of the team!"

    Would love to have you on board!

  4. i want 2 leave my email..but wont everyone see it??

  5. Yeah so I have came up with a better way. Simply head over to the forums -

    and register on there. Then I will be the only one to see your email address and I can invite you to the blogging team! After registering leave a post in "Become Part Of The Team!" folder and I will get you set up!