Tuesday 28 July 2015

Morgans Fundamental Change?

The Season 5 finale showed us Morgan like we’d never seen him before. His new outlook being that “All life is precious”. Morgan now comes across as being totally zen-like and peaceful. So peaceful in fact that he didn’t even kill the two ‘wolves’ he had an encounter with in the opening of the episode – he simply knocked them out and left them stranded in a nearby car as if to give them a chance. This is a massive contrast to when we saw him back in Season 3 Episode 12 – Clear, even Lennie James (who plays Morgan) said himself on Talking Dead: “Morgan was totally cray cray!”

This makes you wonder – what is it that has fundamentally changed Morgan?

When we last saw him in Clear, Morgan was going through a mental, psychotic breakdown. Back then, Morgan was too busy setting up traps to CLEAR the surrounding walkers – and people if and when it came to it. It’s fair to say he was in an extremely dark place. He literally begged Rick to kill him right after their fight upstairs. Even Rick called him a “Crazy son of a bitch!”

Morgan in Clear
Lennie James said on the season finale of the Talking Dead that “Morgan has went through a fundamental change” since that episode in Season 3, and that he now views things differently. He went on to mention that it will be interesting to see how Morgan got to the place he’s at now – mentally speaking that is. This got me thinking. You see, showrunner Scott Gimple recently confirmed at the San Diego Comic-Con that there will be a number of flashbacks in season 6, and that one of the episodes will consist entirely of a flashback.

I’m betting that specific flashback episode we’re going to see will focus on Morgan and show us what it is that changed him – and I think it’s going to happen pretty early on in season 6. The reason I think this is going to happen early on? Because it will show us the massive contrast that now exists between Rick and Morgan and the way they deal with things in this new world. After all, did you see the look Morgan gave Rick as he entered Alexandria to witness porch-dick Pete’s murder? Kinda’ conflicts with Morgan’s “All life is precious” mantra doesn’t it?

Morgan stares on in shock as he witnesses Rick shoot Pete. This just isn’t the same guy he used to know.

Rick says to Morgan in the Season 6 trailer “I don’t take chances anymore!” To which Morgan replies “And you shouldn’t!” – I just sense there is a big BUT missing from the end of his reply.

With Rick and Morgan we have two people who we’ve been with since the very beginning. Morgan has only appeared 3 times (excluding end credit scenes that is) and every time we’ve seen him he has been in a fundamentally different place – again, mentally speaking that is!

The question is, what place will he really be in this coming season. And why? Will he be anti Rick Grimes – or maybe the yin to Rick’s yang?

Do you think Morgan really is as zen-like as he is being portrayed, or is it just AMC’s way of trying to throw us off track? If you remember correctly, they did a similar thing with Gareth in the season 5 trailer – they made it look like Gareth and the rest of the Terminus termites teamed up with Rick and co. and headed to Washington, and we all know how that REALLY went down. #OneHellOfAChurchService #PraiseTheLord

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below – I want to hear what you guys think!

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