Friday 20 October 2017

Can we expect a crossover in the Apocalypse?

The Walking Dead Crossover
- Could we see a crossover between FTWD and TWD? -
Whispers among some of the devoted fans of The Walking Dead; is it possible in our near future that we will see a crossover in the zombie apocalypse?

Although the writers have stayed pretty on track with the original series and actually have had much more liberties with the spin-off series, one must  wonder if there is going to be a crossover between the two successful series.

Timeline and geographic positioning is important!  Obviously we know that when patient zero was discovered in California, that was during the time of Rick being in his coma at the hospital. Since then, Madison's group had moved south of the boarder and majority had returned.. However, back over to the East coast, Rick 's group had moved North.

I'm sure the writers would be able to be creative enough to make this work but from my perspective on this matter I cannot see how they would be able to successfully bring the two shows together for a crossover.

Rick's group is already years into the apocalypse where Madison's group is still in the infancy and trying to figure out what exactly is going on. So, there would be several years gaps between the two and with the distance being practically across the country, I find it hard to figure out how they could possibly pull this off.

Perhaps one or two that may have strayed from the groups during its time would make a way over to the East Coast? Then maybe- just maybe It would be a successful crossover.

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